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Stage Curtains & Window Coverings

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Stage Curtains
All curtain types available in a large variety of fabrics and colors, with or without your logo

Lowell ES Stage Curtain

LuXout Stage Curtains

Stage Curtain Types

Determining the Sizes

  • The valance should be about 12" wider than the proscenium opening and long enough to cover the first set of lights.
  • The main drape, if there is backstage stacking space, should be wide enough to stack almost the entire curtain offstage. The stack is generally about 1/4th the width of the curtain panel. If there is no backstage space, the track should go wall to wall. The top of the curtain does not need to be at the top of the valance. The floor clearance at the bottom of the curtain varies greatly from "puddling" to 2" off the floor.
  • The borders will run from side curtain to side curtain or leg to leg and hang down far enough to cover the lights or top of the track.
  • Sides and rears will run from front to back and around the back of the acting area. Some sides are angled narrowing the upstage space. Some rears are a continuation of the sides on a curved track.
  • Legs and tormentors will range from 3-10' wide. The height is usually the same as the sides and rears.
  • Mid-stage Traveler will be about as wide as the main drape. This varies if the stage is using legs or sides. The height will be the same as the rears. The track should be covered by the border.

If you are replacing existing curtains and you are happy with the size, measure the height and width of the existing curtains. To get the height, measure at a leading or trailing edge where the curtain is stiff. Measure from the top of the curtain to the floor and deduct the desired clearance off the floor. If there is no curtain to measure but you have a track in place, measure from the eyelet of the carrier to the floor and deduct the desired clearance. Keep in mind that you will need to deduct 1" for the S-hook. If there is trim chain on the carrier, measure from the bottom link of the trim chain to the floor and use that length. When installing, you can adjust the clearance by moving up or down on the trim chain.

The width should be measured at the top of the curtain or the track if possible. If not, measure the width of the curtain or track from the floor. Do not pull the curtain. Let it hang straight. When hanging flat curtains or using box pleats, you must be very accurate with your measuring. It would also help to know the number of carriers. If you are hanging dead hung curtains from a batten or pipe, measure from the bottom of the batten to the floor and deduct the desired clearance. The width is the length of the batten.

Window Coverings
Spring Roller or Techmatic Shades in a variety of color and opaqueness options

Spring Roller detail

Spring Roller shades

Techmatic detail

Techmatic shades

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