Open Space/ELA Furniture

** This is just a sampling of the manufacturers we work with, and products we offer.
Please call or email us for additional product information.

Soft, 4-Leg, and Mobile Seating
Extended learning area furniture that is easy to group, different leg styles, wiith or without casters, large variety of shapes, large variety of colors and patterns to match your space, and available with fabric or vinyl

Media Technologies Fred Soft Seating Chair

Media Technologies Full Time Junior Rectangle

Media Technologies Full Time Round with Casters

Media Technologies Full Time Rectangle with Steel Legs

Media Technologies Full Time Curve

Media Technologies Full Time Wedge

Media Technologies Full Time Crescent with Wood Legs

Media Technologies Full Time Half-Round

JAXX Midtown Kids Chair

JAXX Bean Bag Chairs

Fomcore Rock-n-Roller XL Chair

Fomcore Daisy Collaborative Set

Virco Zuma Series Stool with Civitas Frame

Sit On It Rio Series Stool

KI Ruckus Stool with Casters and Bookrack

KI Ruckus Chair with Casters and Bookrack

KI Learn2 Series with Casters, Tablet Arm, and Bookrack

Virco Zuma with Casters

KI Ruckus Series

KI Learn2 Series

Tables and Storage

Virco 5000 Series Rectangle Table with Casters

Virco 5000 Series Flower Table with Casters

KI Ruckus Activity Table with Casters

KI Ruckus Sit-to-Stand Activity Table with Casters

KI Serenade Gathering Table with Power, and Footrest

Media Tech Crayon Bullet-Shaped Media Table

KI Ruckus Worktable with Casters, Backpack Hooks, and Storage

KI Ruckus Bookshelf with Laminate Top, and Casters