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Top 7 Items to incorporate Movement in classroom

Can chair changes in your classroom lead to improved retention of material taught? Seating in the classroom can provide comfortable ways for students to move and enhance their learning. Studies repeatedly confirm that movement increases blood flow and boosts metabolism which contributes to improved awareness and sensory development.  Teachers and administrators are aware of how necessary this is. As a result classroom furniture manufacturers like Virco, KI, and Fomcore have designed quality seating that can accommodate the students need to move while absorbing information. This is resulting in an improved educational environment in the classroom.

The top 3 options Virco has designed for their chairs for are the Choose to Move Chair, Rocking-style chairs, and Task Stools/Chairs.

  • The Choose to Move Chair comes in Analogy, Sage and Zuma seat styles. It offers the ability to move while sitting or simply by changing the mode selector you can change the chair to a fixed mode. Air coils help you to sit in the best positions for your particular body.
  • Virco also has two types of rocking chairs available in the Analogy, Sage and Zuma seat styles. One sits at the standard height so it allows the student to utilize the table for school work. The other is a floor rocker that giving students the comfortable, close to the floor sensation. Both are ergonomically designed to be have comfortable and flexile support.
  • Task chairs and stools are another way to provide opportunities for movement. These mobile chairs have a 5- star caster base with pneumatic mechanism that allows the seat height to be adjusted. The ability to have 360 degree movement makes these chairs perfect for STEM classrooms.

KI offers 3 options for classroom seating that allow for mobility in the classroom.

  • Ricochet stool is a popular item the boasts 12 degrees of rebounding motion. Its convex base features a non-slip surface making it safe and stabile. The user can move 360-degrees.These stools can help strengthen core muscles and improve posture.
  • Learn2 seating creates flexible learning environments. The combination chair/desk can move to wherever it’s needed. It also can be arranged in any number of configurations. Mobile, adaptable this seating allows for individual work but can easily move small into collaborative groupings.
  • Ruckus chairs are another seating option offered by KI. These chairs adapt to a person’s preferred style of sitting and enables them to interact with their surroundings.
  • FomCore a soft seating manufacturer also has a movement option. The Rock’n Roller is comfortable and ready for active learning. The curve in the base allows it to function like a rocking chair. This foam based chair encourages healthy movement with a safe and smooth rocking motion. Solid foam construction is lightweight so it is a perfect seating solution an individual learner. Yet it can be easily moved to form a collaborative group session.

Rocking or rolling, soft or hard, you can see that manufacturers have listened to educators and designed many options
to add chairs to your school that will give students the ability to move while they are learning.

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