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Esports is More Than Just Playing Video Games

Esports is exploding in growth right now at the high school and college level
!  This highly competitive sport was once thought to be a pass time but with advances in technology and the interactive way companies have created games it is so much more. The sport spans the globe and competitors gather to compete in a variety of games. Many matches can have large financial payoffs. The top players have amassed quite a bit of money rivaling other professional sports. Games like Fortnite, and Call of Duty have tournaments with prizes that can be in the $100,000+ range.

A multi-racial team of esports athletes conducts a training session before an online shooter tournament. Neon light
Spectrum Genova Chair

Schools have recognized this and have begun to implement Esports as one of their athletic offerings. Colleges are giving scholarships to athletes. This is inspiring high schools to create ways for these athletes to perfect their craft and win those scholarships. Additionally, this sport is open to all who are interested, no matter their physical attributes. This makes Esports inclusive and therefore appealing. No wonder its growth is spreading so rapidly.  Schools are implementing chairs that support both the neck and back, and desks with
sit-to-stand legs, to accommodate multiple postures.

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