Wenger Nota Music Chair

  • Available in 5 seat heights to fit different students and grade levels
  • Enhanced posture design
  • Provides proper alignment in multiple seating positions
  • Suitable for all music environments

Wenger Classic 50 Music Stand

  • Quiet and rattle-free polycarbonate desk and base
  • Lightweight design is just under 5 lbs.
  • Will not scratch or dent
  • Desk with bolt-thru attachment and rounded edges
  • Music stand move and storage carts available

Wenger Signature Choral Risers

  • Strong and stable design
  • Designed for one person set up
  • Includes casters and fold-down design to easily move around and store
  • 150 lb. live load capacity per square foot
  • Steps reverse for additional configurations
    (No tools needed)
  • Carpeted steps
  • Optional siderails available

Wenger Conductor's System

  • Includes a Flex stand, double podium, and chair
  • Chair has adjustable seat height, seat tilt, back height and depth, back angle, and foot rest height, with five-leg design for stable seating
  • Chair seat comes in standard poly or padded and upholstered versions
  • Podium and stand have wheels to easily move around
  • Flex stand is adjustable height, with a swivel desk
  • Stand includes optional baskets for more storage
  • Stand is available with solid laminate or clear polycarbonate surface
  • Podium includes grey carpet
  • Upper podium locks securely onto base podium and includes detachable safety rail