Collaborative Learning Furniture

Logiflex Clara Modular Seating

  • Modular components that nest with each other
  • Can be organized in a wide variety of configurations
  • Available with or without backrests
  • Available in several different upholstery colors
  • Chrome legs

Logiflex Infiniti Modular Seating

  • Modular seating
  • Can be configured to fit and personalize any space
  • Available with or without backrests

Media Technologies Duo Lounge Furniture

  • Upholstered seat and back
  • Bench assembly is 3/4" engineered wood with premium grade oak or maple veneer of HPL faces. HPL assemblies receive 3mm PVC edges
  • Curved profile steel legs
  • Back panel can be finished in Oak or maple veneer or high pressure laminate.
  • Available in a curved (shown) or straight design
  • Perfect for grouping together to create collaborative spaces

Media Technologies Full Time Ottomans

  • Fully upholstered seat
  • 2" of high density foam on a 1" thick assembled frame
  • Curved profile steel legs
  • Mounted casters
  • Available in round, pentagonal, square, rectangular, crescent and 30˚ curve shapes
  • Can be grouped together to create collaborative spaces

Russwood Palette Soft Seating

  • Can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations to create a collaborative space
  • Brazilian hardwood plywood construction
  • Available in a large variety of fabrics and vinyls
  • 3" Aluminum legs

Russwood Hive Bench Seating

  • 1" Thick particleboard side panels
  • 3/4" Thick veneer core back
  • High-pressure laminate
  • 3mm PVC edge band
  • 2" Thick foam for seating comfort
  • Includes 2 cubbies for storage
  • Available with a marker board or laminate matching back
  • 3" Diameter casters